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The  best autosensing HDMI switch on the UK market!

The incredible Sony PlayStation 3 is coming and it  demands  HDMI connectivity! This means that all HD TVs and screens will require a switching arrangement to manage connections to several HD HDMI sources!

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Price : £59
HDMI Angle Adaptor
Price : £25
Air Dampers
Price : £40
Phono Pre-Amplifier
Price : £145
Nano Clean
Price : £12.5
K8 HDMI Cable
Price : £59
Heathrow High Fidelity Show 2007
31st - 1st April
Sound & Vision 2007 - Bristol Show
23rd-25th February
Hi-Fi buyers award Oehlbach Product of the Year 2006 in three categories!...more
The Twin Mix Two loudspeaker cable won 1st place with 22% of the vote...more
The NF 214 Analogue Interconnect won 3rd place, despite being a 3 year old cable...more
The new XXL Phono Preamp won 2nd place with 21% of the vote...more
Dampers - 'Much better imaging - surprisingly effective!'
MP3! cable - 'Neutral, honest sound - well made, too'
HDMI Switch - 'Worked very well. The auto switching is very good.'
Silver Express - 'Very smooth - nice sound.'
XXL 90 SCART cable - 'Maybe the best, and last, SCART cable before HDMI.'
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